Fiesta Special Ice


The refreshing Fiesta ice special vodka is full-bodied and moderately sweetened to retain a natural lemon flavour. Fiesta ice special is pleasantly semi-dry and has an exceptionally smooth texture, its created to be enjoyed in good company for a celebration of friendship.

Splash this refreshing ready to drink vodka into lemon-lime cordial, citrus soda or mix it with your preferred mixer for a delightful flavour filled punch.

Also available in a Guarana flavour.


Available in 10L, 5L, 3L casks and 750ML glass bottles with tamper proof caps.

Ready to drink, full-bodied and moderately sweetened pre-mixed vodka with a lemon flavor.

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"A nice lemony flavored drink to enjoy when you’re relaxing or just chilling with a few friends"

Nancy Mutinda - Nairobi

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