VPL is a Kenyan medium-scale alcoholic beverage company located in Thika Town.

Our passion as a business is the manufacture of quality alcoholic beverages that fulfil the tastes and preferences of our target market. For the time the company has been in operation, it has experienced impressive growth on its five main alcoholic products that are Fiesta Special Ice (ready-to-drink vodka), Moonlight Vodka and Niletot Gin & Niletot Brandy.

Our greatest commitment is to our process

Production technology employed in the products is based on brewing and blending which guarantees quality products. The Company also has a competent production team that understands the consumer needs and behaviors within the alcoholic industry. This has enabled us to produce alcoholic products that meet the needs of our target market.

Our Vision

To be a market leader in the alcoholic beverage industry through production and supply of affordable and superior quality products.

Our Mission

To consistently produce and supply quality, pleasant and affordable alcoholic products in an environmental friendly manner.

Our Values

Product Leadership
Customer Loyalty and Dedication
Effective and Efficient Distribution Network
Production Technology
Continuous improvement
Corporate citizenship